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Rondeur Table Lamp - Beige Brown

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This lamp is a work of art that works in so many settings. The woven texture of this eco-friendly and the subtle bend in its structure scatters an enchanting pattern of light across your wall. This lamp has a little romance in it and gives off an especially warm glow. It’s a class apart.

Size(L x W x H): 6 X 8.5 X 14.5 inches

Color: Brown

Comes with a round 2 pin plug and 1.5-meter long cable 

Package Contents
Package contains around 2 pin plug, holder, and 1.5-meter long cable. Based on the country mentioned in the shipping address, the plug shall be specific to the country. Likewise, the bulb holder shall also be specific. For example, US - E26 Holder, India - E14 holder. 
We do not provide Edison filament bulb with the lamp. It needs to be purchased separately by the customer.

Cleaning Instructions
You can clean with a soft dry cloth, nylon brush, 
blower or vacuum cleaner when required. 

The lamp is completely handcrafted and recycled so there might be some difference in every lamp in term of color, size, and texture. Rest assured we give a very neat and clean look to it.

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