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About Us

We are a design firm specializing in the manufacture of highly curated and brilliantly designed handcrafted lamps and furniture. We are passionate about this earth we live in and hence we ensure that all our products contribute toward restoring its beauty.

The name Sylvn has been derived from Sylvanus, the God of the forest as per Roman mythology. He was in charge of protecting the jungle and the living beings staying in and around it. The literal meaning of Sylvanus is the one who loves the forest. Sylvn Studio has three mottos:

Conserve the Environment. Generate Employment. Contribute to the Society.

Our products are made from corrugated cardboard, burlap and other recycled materials. We combine fine craftsmanship and luxury with utility and durability. A lot of heart goes into developing each of our products, to add value to otherwise discarded materials to make them stand out individually.

When you buy from us you don't just take home a product. You take home a work of art. And in your own little way contribute toward beautifying the earth. 

For any further assistance you can reach us at or call us on +91 750 603 2644