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Bandana Jain with Mr. Gautam Singhania, M.D of the Raymond Groups.
Showcasing her work of Gandhi Sculpture at

Australian High Commission.

At the Index Event (2016) with Mr. Prahlad Kakkar

With Mr. Hafeez Contractor (Index Event 2016)

Grabbing the limelight at Index Event 2016

best out of waste award interior and decor expo 2014
"Best out of Waste"
Interior & Decor Expo 2014
  "This fine-dining restaurant has a ceiling made of… cardboard"
"Sylvn Studio’s products made from unusual raw materials are both a visual feast and a conversation starter."
"A neglected material, corrugated cardboard, recycled and converted into a unique piece of product"
"Sylvn Studio’s latest addition to its impressive repertoire of handcrafted lamps is the ‘Stellar Wall Sconce’ collection, comprised of four pieces that are in true style, inspired by nature."
"From kadhai planters to corrugated furniture, this year the kiosks at Kala Ghoda spelled uniqueness"
"Floor lamps are so much more stylish and versatile than regular old overhead ones, and Sylvn Studio sure knows how to make a statement."
"These are mesmerizing artistic sculptures that can elevate the class and ambiance of any place. It’s extremely difficult to take your eyes off the enchanting light that disperses from these lamps and casts beautiful patterns of light and shade all across space they hang in."